Tutto quello che devi sapere sulla musica in Brianza

Musica In Brianza

Tutto quello che devi sapere sulla musica in Brianza


After a long time with bands of different genres and musical styles, Luca Stasi decided to start a personal music project, that could sign a line between the previous experiences and what he is going to create. So he started to compose original music, influenced by a great number of genres and artists, for example by names like Dream Theater, Alter Bridge, Biffy Clyro, Flying Colors and Muse.

As a consequence, the project’s genre is a Progressive that establishes between Pop, Rock and Metal, with the necessity to have a big horizon in composition and emotions to comunicate. And so Out Of The Edge came to light: the band, in which participates a group of musicians form the neighborhood of Como, married the music and the ideas that are behind this personal project. Out Of The Edge published their first single “Trying To Live In Love Again” at the end of 2017, that is followed by the single “Maybe” on February of the next year.

They published the first album “Birth” the 18th of March 2018 and in November they published “Never Give Up”, the second single extracted by “Birth”.

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